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UN Desolator by The-Under-Network UN Desolator by The-Under-Network
Nature: Sassy
Animal: Sheep
Position: Desolator
Weapon: Toxin Thrower
Country: Iraq
Color: Purple
Extension: UN Mini Music Player

About this mascot: She is a special forces unit that specializes in using radioactive toxic waste from nuclear power plant facilities. Since nuclear waste costs more money to dump them in landfills,the Iraq army has decided to put these toxins to better use...On the battlefield.

Like a standard flamethrower,a Toxin Thrower is used instead and is more effective than a flamethrower. It has an approximate distance between 165–270 feet. The chemical compound is compressed and a long nozzle is used to pressurize the flow of the toxins. And this unit is capable of wiping an entire army single-handedly.

The toxins are can dissolve through almost any armor,regardless if they are wearing kevlar,biohazard suits,gas masks and can dissolve even a tank's armor making it easier to kill the soldiers inside. The Desolator wears a special armor that can defend 90% of most bullets out there,including armor piercing bullets.

The chemical compounds of these toxins can also be altered into making them airborne,more powerful than mustard gas. It is also used to kill soldiers inside buildings and foxholes.

This unit is considered legendary and breaks most NATO Treaties and United Nation Laws. Anyone who survived these deadly toxins die eventually over time as these toxins are radioactive and enter through the blood stream.

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Art: MagniFire

Cover: The-Under-Network

Copyrights: The Under Network ultimate-super-mario
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January 5, 2011
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